Our Mission

ATRX Research Alliance (ARA) is a parent-led global group of families committed to accelerating research to better understand the condition, generate an evolving standard of care, and to develop treatments in order to improve the quality of life for individuals living with ATR-X Syndrome and their families. 

ATR-X Syndrome is a rare neurodevelopmental disease, and research is rapidly underway to discover treatment. Every day we are closer to understanding ATR-X and how brain function is disrupted by alterations in the gene. Accelerating this research will lead to the development of treatments. We urgently need your support to improve the lives of children affected by ATR-X syndrome.

Our Vision

Our goal is clear: To find treatments for every individual living with ATR-X syndrome. We dream of a world with easily accessible treatments for our patients worldwide.


We are working relentlessly to accelerate research for treatments to improve quality of life for our beautiful community. Will you help us? Every donation brings us closer to treatment.